Monday, October 4, 2010

october......perch or walleye

By now most guys are fishing for perch.....maybe a little tired of trolling, just want to sit and relax jerking some perch. walleyes are actually biting very  well yet if you can find them. in the weeds at tawas bay ...very good now, on the reef at whitestone point, usually best very early or almost dark, actually good after dark!!!! beware though,rocks galore on the reef ,very shallow water.!!!!! also shallow along the shoreline in augres from the river to point lookout.    good luck .....

Friday, September 10, 2010

september is upon us

with the cooler temps in the fall the walleye will be moving back into the inner bay. try the thirty foot depths out in front of the augres river. also in the tawas area the fish will be moving shallower also. actually fishing the weeds inside of tawas point will be getting hot very soon. augres and south will be picking up again real soon ,with the fish moving steadily shallower. I mainly use earie dearies in the weeds of tawas bay tipped with crawlers. troll them slowly about 60-70 feet behind the boat. sorry inline boards don't work well in there because of the weeds. augres and south towards standish is good from now until ice up. troll harness's from 20-30 foot of water with about 40-80 feet of line out with 2oz weights. longer leads with less weight. just remember the cooler the water the shallower they will come in!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

hello saginaw bay walleye fishermen, and women.....I have been fishing the inner and outer bay for more years then i care to remember....I do believe its time to start sharing some info that i have learned over the years....lets start a forum on what works and maybe also what doesn't......i will be posting some of my tactics on this blog from time to time starting soon.....hope i can be of some help and any input from the better fishermen out there would be appreciated.....i am not going to blow smoke but be very honest about what i have done over the years.....i'm not the best fisherman out there but i do pretty if your interested come back and check out some tips...hoping i can help....thanks wilberjack aka "tallman"